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Research project on swimming in HK for people with mental, intellectual and Physical disabilities



This research is to explore and analysis certain contemporary social concerns and

problems related to people who have intellectual, mental and physical disabilities

(PWD) in participating swimming activities including disability sport policy, historical,

and cultural development and movement; participation behavior, experiences and

attitudes; level of participation; motivations and barriers to participation; benefit of

participation; access to sport programs and facilities; and recommendation and

suggestion from respondents. All respondents have provided a very valuable insight of

how their involvement when they begin and develop in the sport; some of the

challenges and problems they have faced, and the findings show that their expectations

and needs. My role throughout this project is an insider researcher, and at the same

time, plays a major role in the research process. Research projects adopt a combination

of methods to achieve specific ends which involved:


-  Phenomenology;

-  Case study; and

- Survey questionnaire.

Data Collection

- Case study on relevant document and review literature;

- Survey with parents through face to face delivery;

- interview coaches and parents in public swimming pool and sports centre; and

- Survey with Special School by e-mail and letter.


- Only 22 out of 60 of the Aided Special School in Hong Kong responses to this

survey; which shows that many of the organizations is with a fairly low

willingness in participation in this study

Target audiences

- PWD and their family who participate or willing to taking part in sports or swimming activity;

- School teachers, coaches, sports administrators and volunteers; and

- Service providers or facilities providers who organize sports or swimming services to PWD.

The key words of this research project

1) Swimming

2) Disability sport

3) Coaching swim

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